Moyasta Oysters was founded by the Galvin family who have been farming in West Clare, Ireland for generations. With over 20 years of oyster production experience under his belt, founder Michael Galvin handed over the reins to son Thomas Galvin in 2012. With Thomas at the helm, the family partnership has continued to grow, with father Michael still playing an active role and with brother Bernard Galvin as farm manager.

Moyasta farm is located in the Grade A certified waters of Poulnasherry Bay on the west coast of the beautiful County Clare. These sheltered waters form part of the Shannon Estuary, where the river Shannon, Irelands longest river meets the Atlantic Ocean. Poulnasherry Bay is uniquely suited to the cultivation of high quality oysters, the entire Estuary is designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) – an important Irish and European wildlife conservation area.

Moyasta Oysters are of the highest quality Gigas (Crassostrea gigas) variety. Our commitment to the highest standards in cultivation and harvesting quality, means that our oysters receive just the right amount of TLC to reach maturity. The Moyasta oyster takes its nourishment naturally from the sea in the same way as wild oysters – it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes 3 years for each oyster to reach the ‘perfect eating’ stage and requires the highest possible water quality for success. The strong currents of the Atlantic Ocean are ideal and the abundance of algae and phytoplankton of the River Shannon and the natural rich minerals of Poulnasherry Bay create the perfect environment giving the Moyasta Oyster its fresh unique flavour.