Growing the perfect oyster is an ongoing ritual for us, oysters are sensitive souls, they need regular nurturing, with the occasional word of encouragement to help them truly blossom. We work with the tides which requires time and patience both day and night, it’s round the clock work but the scenery more than compensates, it’s a day at the office we wouldn’t trade.

Our oysters are hand turned as they grow, flourishing on the rich minerals and natural phytoplankton abundant in the waters of Poulnasherry Bay, and the twice daily tidal upwelling of the Atlantic Ocean keeps our waters naturally healthy.

After three years or so, when the oysters have reached maturity, it’s harvest time!

Discover a hidden culture….

Our oysters are graded and sorted to our customers specific requirements. Great care is taken during all processes and throughout the growth cycle. Oysters are washed and packed by hand in our factory only hours prior to sending to each customer. This ensures that our customers taste and feel the unique flavour and freshness of the Moyasta Oyster every time.